Passionate about health and wellness, I believe that feeling at ease in body and mind helps us live more enjoyable, peaceful and successful lives. Having happily worked in commercial, educational, health and third sector environments, I understand how easy it is to become absorbed in demanding and satisfying projects. Maintaining excellent health and personal happiness is key for anyone who wants to sustain long term effectiveness and efficiency.

COACHING: Grow and Flourish

With over 20 years spent working with people and businesses across the social & commercial spectrum have proved inestimably valuable and rewarding. Utilising my diverse experience, skill-set and qualifications, I have been successfully coaching & training clients around the globe and facilitating their self-growth, positively impacting both home and work lives.

If you recognise a need for personal or professional development, my services aim to focus clarity around innate strengths, core motivations and authentic achievement, enabling you to grow and flourish.  I also engage with clients to develop long-term resilience, self-compassion & to enable you to thrive. Happiness via genuine understanding, grounded positivity & grit enables success at home, at work and for our communities. MA, ILM, Resilience Practitioner,  ACE & Trauma Informed Practitioner.

MASSAGE: Relax and Revive

I have been studying and practising therapeutic massage and natural well-being options for the past 17 years. As well as being a relaxing experience, a good massage can help you take care of yourself by increasing blood circulation, flushing toxins via the lymphatic system and stimulating muscles and nerves.  Just allowing yourself to be peaceful and calm can change the way you think and feel.  Regular massage sessions can bring continued benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Massage is for everyone and should overall, be an enjoyable experience, whatever your aim.

Happy Bodies

When you feel relaxed and revived, everything is simpler and day-to-day decisions and tasks appear easier, leaving you with more positive energy to enjoy. I recommend that you choose holistic massage as one element of a healthy lifestyle.  Allow yourself to continuously appreciate the benefits and show thanks for the marvellous body that you have.  A harmonious lifestyle is easy to maintain if we believe our happiness is within our control.  We can choose to be kind to ourselves and to others.

FHT Member

Each of the treatment sessions offered is designed with your health and happiness in mind. I am a VTCT qualified massage therapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists UK.  I have practised and studied both in the UK and abroad, learning techniques to safely enhance your treatment experience.  All treatments follow an established and approved process, allowing for flexibility to meet your individual needs and preferences.

I look forward to meeting you!



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