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I work with people in a non-judgemental, confidential and supportive manner.  I have spent over 25 years working with people and businesses across the social and commercial spectrum and have worked within educational, NHS, prison, charitable and business settings. Utilising my diverse experience, skill-set and qualifications, I am passionate about personal and professional growth, and mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.



I have been successfully working with clients both in the UK and Internationally and enjoy facilitating self- growth, positively impacting both home and work lives. Maintaining excellent health and personal happiness is key for anyone who wants to enjoy a long-term meaningful lifestyle.​ If you recognise a need for personal or professional development, or are simply looking for a 'Life Audit', my services aim to focus clarity around innate strengths, core motivations and authentic achievement, enabling you to grow and flourish.  


I also engage with clients to develop long-term resilience, improvements in mental health, self-compassion & to enable you to thrive. We can better look after ourselves, those around us and the wider communities we live in. 


MA, IFS Therapy Practitioner, Lead Auditor A18038 (ISO9001:2015), ILM Wellbeing Coach, Resilience Practitioner,  ACE & Trauma Informed Practitioner, Positive Psychology Masterclass. My work is guided by the modals of IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Human Givens. FHT.

Looking forward to working with you, 
warm wishes, Harri

Feel Better....Live Better


Tel: 07857929704

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