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Embracing on a Bench


Embrace Life’s Challenges

Amongst the constant sensory overload and busy-ness of everyday life, we can easily forget our bodies' daily and basic needs.  Fortunately, through the gentle art of touch and ancient knowledge of aromatherapy we can rebalance and soothe our physical, mental and emotional needs. 

This powerful combination of carefully selected essential oil and theraputic touch is one of the most effective ways to relax and energise our needs on every level. 

This calming 1 hour massage session gifts us a retreat from everyday living, allowing us vital rest for our emotional and physical health. Feelings of wellbeing also stimulate the immune system and therefore help us strengthen our resistance to disease.

Benefits can include amongst other things:

> Deep feeling of wellbeing and balance
> Reduction in anxiety and stress
> Connect of mind and body and therefore improved self-esteem.

“Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we have looked at” T. Field, Touch Research Institute

Our bodies hold a deep instinctive knowledge and capability for self-healing. This is knowledge infinitely wiser than anything our intellect can imagine. It is what Dr. Peter Levine refers to as the "self-regulating core" and lies deep in our flesh.

Available from Autumn 2021
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